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Case History - Keepup


Sponsorship on social media.
Creation and development web content.
Creations limited edition tools.
Brand presence in top brands stores.
Valorizzazione del brand attraverso la distribuzione in negozi di prestigio.
Distribution in design stores.
Sponsorship in the stores.
Presence inside the top design stores.
Presence in the most important stores in town.

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Creation and production digital content.
Sponsorship with agents.
Presence in top brand retail.
Brand presence in top design retailers.
Logo and concept creation.
E-commerce shooting production.
Concept idea and sale support.
Presence in top brand stores.
Packaging design and creations.
Brand promotion thanks to agents.
Brand promotion in the fashion store.
Presence in the most important fashion stores and social network sponsorship.
Presence in the most important fashion stores in Italy and abroad.
Presence in the most important fashion stores.
Photo shooting for e-commerce.
Details photo for e-commerce.
Presence in the most important fashion stores.
Invitation and newsletter production for events and fairs in Tokyo.
E-commerce photo shoot.
Concept and website creations.
Production and in-store material projects.
Sketch Erik Ace's dress.
Sketch for Erik Ace's dress with headgear.
Sales support materials.
Concept and packaging projects, with sales materials creations.
Product material creations.
Brand distribution in the top fashion store.
Creation of in-store sales support material.
Gadget production.
Co-branding packaging creation.
Custom packaging project co-ords with products.
Packaging co-ord with the bottle.
Print adv creation and media planning on the most important Italian and international media.
Creation of limited edition concept, match to packaging and catalogue.
Creations of sales support materials.
Co-ord support materials production.
Creations and development of sales support materials.
Creation of refined limited edition packaging for enumerated bottles.
Display creation.
Creations and digital content development.
Co-ord packaging creation.
Sales support materials creation.
Corporate sales materials productions.
Pop materials production.
Corporate materials production.
In-store material production.
Logo and brand identity creations.
Packaging creation for limited edition collections.
Logo design.
Print adv production and planning.
POP materials development.
Sales support materials production.
Personalization sales materials.
Branding materials development.
Logo restyling and rebranding project.
Brand presence in fashion store top retailer.
Distribution in Italian and abroad stores.
Jewelry distribution.
Special collection production with precious co-branding and distribution in luxury retail.
Brand presence in the top brand retailers.
Flagship store Expo 2021 in Dubai creation.
Fashion store promotions.
Top brand retailers promotions.
Strategic social development.
Stores distribution.
Social network management.
Social media management.
Media communication.
Luxury collection distribution.
Presence in the best magazines and publications.
Presence on the most important international online and offline media.
Newspaper's sponsorships.
Presence on the most important national magazines.
New collections sponsorships.
Brand presence on international media.
Brand presence in big magazines.
Presence on the best Italian media.
Brand presence on the best international media and newspapers.
Brand presence in the top magazine.
Creation of pop materials.
Advertising in important magazines.
Most important media communication.
Editorials on fashion magazines.
Editorial creation for fashion magazines.
Media plan on the most important fashion magazines.
Brand presence on the most important media.
Brand communication plan.
Brand presence on the most important magazines.
Presence on top brand mags.
Shooting production.
Online presence, with social media management.